Transformation awaits

We are delighted to share these transformations with you. Why? Because it’s your chance to see these homes not for what they were, but for what we made them be. Use the interactive sliders to reveal and compare the before and after look of these listings, and discover first hand the power of staging.

Spiritridge residence

The line of traffic from entryway to dining splits this oblong living room lenghtwise, leaving little to no room for face-to face seating. To highlight the features of this space without disrupting the flow of traffic, we built a more dispersed sitting area with a full size couch facing our focal point (the off-center fireplace), and two accent chairs that can function either as part of, or separate from this setup.

Belltown live/work loft

This loft came about in 2000, when a 1914 warehouse got converted into condos. Staging a unit in this Seattle landmark was equally an honor and a unique challenge. We achieved a polished yet cozy look with contemporary, apartment-scale furniture, blending light neutrals and warm naturals with cool metal finishes and abstract art.

Robinswood condo

To make the most of this living room, we placed the focal point on the wall opposite to the windows, and we designed two separate sitting areas. With face-to-face couches near the focal point we didn’t have to compromise on the front yard view, which was a great selling point. The more intimate window seats that also face the focal point, highlight the abundance of natural light in this interior.